Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Isolation Hospital

So I am reading this article; Vancouver Convention Centre to be repurposed into emergency hospital
And wonder, Why? is North Lawn, not being cleaned up,and reused for this new health issue Covid-19. Since it is a purpose built, building with isolation rooms built in, perfect for this latest pandemic.  Have alook at the 2013 building condition report
This building was designed to prevent contamination from moving around inside and outside the building.   Have a look at this map created by John Hopkins University of Covid-19 distribution around the planet.

Monday, March 23, 2015

North Lawn 2015

Not much to report about  this building, which was painted another colour along the front portions last year for the movie industry.  Apparently this building is being kept viable just in case the Forensic unit needs to vacate their premises for a flood, fire....

( photo taken 23 March 2015 )
Just stick a name plaque over the existing signage, and make a movie :)

Found this report at UBC:   TB nurses in B.C. 1895-1960 : a biographical dictionary
Lest we forget that this building was originally designed to deal with TB patients, and has specialized isolation wards inside.

Friday, January 3, 2014

North Lawn in 2014

       Last year the movie industry was frequently seen using the building. One crew even painted the front of the building a different colour, and renamed it, (to do list, get a picture of it, will share it here when completed )  Unknown if the Sheriffs are still using a small portion of the building, they appear to be not able to stand still on the grounds, moving here, then there, then back there again, rather wasteful of OUR money, and resources.

A few Panoramio pictures of the building, from a few years back.
Northerly end
Southerly end
Front entrance

A set of photographs of North Lawn at Flickr

Made me think that I should really get some of the building from the rear; thinking outside of the box, as usual; everybody always just photographs the front, a lot going on in the back too.

North Lawn, was designed with 230 beds capacity, and was completed February 7 1955 officialy opened on May 4 1955 by Hon. Wesley D. Black, Provincial Secretary. Patients moved in on May 10, 1955

Building contract was awarded to the Kennett Construction Company, on May 5, 1953 cost $1,648,400, the Company started on May 12. The building was designed to focus on pulmonary tuberculosis, but also could deal with any infectious disease, the building contained closed isolation wards.

Friday, May 2, 2008

North Lawn, now empty

The BCMHAS clinical lab and Consult Services, have now vacated North Lawn, to Oak House, part of the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital,(FPH) of Colony Farm. They will continue to serve patients at Riverview and FPH. North Lawn is now totally empty, looking for a new use....

Monday, September 24, 2007

North Lawn, was originally built to treat Tuberculosis patients, today it is closed, but still sits proudly on a high point of land on the Riverview Hospital grounds.

The End

In 2007 As part of the Riverview Redevelopment Project, patients housed at the NorthLawn Building are re-located to the Valleyview building (4X) and within the Adult Program at Centre Lawn. They await placement at smaller, more home-like care facilities in the regional health authorities of Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health.

North Lawn Tea

A tea honouring the 52 years of health care at North Lawn was held April 3, 2007. The North Lawn building was originally opened in May 1955 with a bed capacity of 230. Most of those beds were used for treating patients who were dually diagnosed with a mental illness and TB. The typically transferred from the other buildings on site. North Lawn became home to Neuropsychiatry and general and medical service units including Consult and Radiology. The last patient was transferred from North Lawn on March 14, 2007. Later in 2007, the building was temporarily converted to house patients from the Forensic Unit at Colony Farm, due to the possibility of a major flooding event occurring, which never happened.